To be a catalyst for nationalism and pursuit of Filipino excellence.


To encourage Filipinos to make nation-building a daily habit and lifestyle by passionately supporting Filipino ideas, products, and services.

What We Do

Yabang Pinoy was founded in 2005 when a small group of young, idealistic Filipinos realized that a lack of national pride among Filipinos is one of the biggest challenges the country faces. We believed that we all must believe in and be proud of ourselves as Filipinos first, and only then will we realize our individual roles in nation-building and real progressive change.

Yabang Pinoy thus became the pioneering Filipino pride movement that challenges each of us to become Filipinos sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa (in thought, in words, and in deed), and that converts Filipinos into shouting proud Filipinos, who share a love for country with fellow Filipinos here and around the world.

Yabang Pinoy prides itself in working with the youth in developing fun and unique programs and activities to remind Filipinos of reasons to be proud of being Filipino.

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