1. What is Yabang Pinoy? - Yabang Pinoy is a group of like-minded individuals passionate about being Filipino and believing in Filipino. Its advocates and volunteers are the young and idealistic Filipinos who spearheaded change in the mindsets of their countrymen. They want to convert “closet” Pinoys into Shouting Proud Pinoys, Filipinos who share the impassioned spirit and love for their country with fellow Filipinos and people from around the world. This change, they believe, will happen because they are starting it now. We are the change we want to be
  2. What Yabang Pinoy does? - Yabang Pinoy understands that this progressive change is gradual change: one day at a time, one Filipino at a time. They are aware of their internal conflicts and discuss them among themselves to be aware of what they can do as part of nation-building. They develop fun, unique, and effective programs and activities for other Filipinos to catch the epidemic.
  3. How can I be a volunteer of Yabang Pinoy? - There are two (2) ways to be a volunteer of Yabang Pinoy. First way is an age-specific and foundational program called ‘Youth Achievers Building a Nation of Greatness Camp’ (Y.A.B.A.N.G. Camp) where he/she participates in a 3-day boot camp on leadership and nation-building. Second way is by actively participating in any of the campaigns or projects of the movement. You may email your CV at
  4. Can we get Yabang Pinoy as sponsor to our event? - Yabang Pinoy is an independent movement operating on a tight budget. Its operation is limited to its projects and campaigns. However, Yabang Pinoy is open for collaboration based on terms beneficial to both parties. You may send your collaboration inquiries to


  1. How can I invite Yabang Pinoy in school? - You can invite the movement as (1) a speaker in symposium or workshop, (2) to collaborate on a school program or project, (3) or to bring the advocacy in your school through ‘Yabang Pinoy Goes to School’. You may send us a letter at
  2. How can we show your featured film in our school? - You can invite us in your school and show our featured film to more students through one of our projects called ‘Rated YP’. By doing this, you are not just showing your support to Filipino filmmaking industry but you are also helping your organization raise a substantial amount in your future projects. You may send in your request and inquiry to
  3. How can I join Global Pinoy Bazaar? - Global Pinoy Bazaar is the biggest gathering of all-Filipino merchants and start-ups made with one hundred percent Pinoy love and pride. Merchants who wish to join Global Pinoy Bazaar must pass the criteria and abide by the application procedure. Approved merchants will be contacted through e-mail and must settle the participation fee. For inquiries and other details, you may e-mail us at
  4. How can I be part of Y.A.B.A.N.G. Camp? - Youth Achievers Building a Nation of Greatness Camp (Y.A.B.A.N.G. Camp) is a 3-day boot camp which aims to inspire the next generation of leaders to share the ideals and aspirations as Filipinos, to enhance their leadership skills and to instil in them a sense of ownership in moving the country forward. All applications will undergo a careful deliberation and screening procedure based on blind review. The camp is open to students and young professionals ages 18-23 years old. To apply for the camp, send us an e-mail with attached curriculum vitae at


  1. Where can I buy the Yabang Pinoy Abaca Bands and other Yabang Pinoy products? - You can buy the Yabang Pinoy Abaca Bands at LUPON store – 3rdF (in front of Automatic Center, beside escalator in art gallery section) Glorietta 4 mall, Makati City. You may also purchase the abaca bands every Global Pinoy Bazaar and through our Online Store. You may check out on how to purchase the abaca bands and other products.
  2. Can you deliver ordered Yabang Pinoy items and partner merchant brands within and outside Metro Manila? - Yes. All orders made through our Online Store can be delivered within and outside Metro Manila. Online Store is subject to order and delivery policy to protect the rights of both parties. For full details, you may check
  3. How can I be a partner-merchant in Yabang Pinoy Online Store? - Yabang Pinoy Online Store features a selection of all-Filipino products which you can also find in our yearly Global Pinoy Bazaar. To become a partner-merchant in our Online Store, you may send your inquiries to

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